The AudioBus feature makes it unique on the App Store, and a really useful App. A Killer App!



Polish your music, fix it in the mix.
7 band equalizer for Audiobus.
Render to file.
Audiocopy and paste.
Export settings as PDF.

Remaster sports the only 7 band parametric equalizer for Audiobus. It is fully multitouch enabled.

***** Rated as a Killer App by Apps4iDevices *****

Remaster is a tool to rework your songs, loops and recordings. Currently a seven band equalizer can be employed, including a toggle to normalize the sound or not. The latest addition to our effects line is a compressor inspired from our Compressor app. The feature set will grow over time.

The equalizer is a seven band parametric equalizer with full visual as well as text entry control for all three parameters: gain, center frequency and q.

The compressor is a standard volume compressor with attack and release settings as well as threshold and compress ratio.

Processing is done in 32 bit and has a sophisticated dither function as final step to prevent quantization errors. Dithering can be disabled to improve processing speed.

There is ONE in-app purchase in Remaster. All features outside of exporting eq settings to PDF are included in the sales price.

1) Export settings to PDF
This function allows to create a table of your current settings (frequency, gain and Q for each node) and email it as a PDF. Every generation of a PDF will cost 99 US cents (or equivalent).

There were questions about the in-app purchase in Remaster: I am going to reproduce the comment I left at


The PDF email functionality is a long story that I am going to summarize here:
A rather large audio company approached me in November 2011 to make an app for them, for internal use.
After meetings and calls I modified Equalizer (at that point) to suit their needs including this PDF email feature. That was in Summer 2012.
After that, the communication pretty much stopped and I did not get paid.
So now this feature became an in-app purchase. It is pretty useless for everybody except that audio company that requested it. If you find it is too offensive to have a useless iap feature in your app, I will remove the feature all-together. It is not generating income, nor should it. I just have it in the app as a reminder to not get screwed again. Please do not buy it unless you want to give me a token of appreciation :)
Or how about: please tweet me @ibeatmaker to remove the feature and if I get 10 tweets, I will remove it in the next update, ok?
Oh, and if you could say something nice about Remaster while you tweet :)

And yes, we are beta testing the compressor as we speak, not multi band, for now. Reverb will follow.
I am planning to not charge extra for compressor and reverb features but might not make them work on Audiobus right away either. Going slow to keep it stable.

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